Ongoing 5-6 Week Follow-Up Groups                

What Are They?

Susan and Mark are well aware that couples often need more help after their experience of couples therapy at a Imago workshop. Couples benefit from reinforcement, elaboration and coaching around the new ideas and skills that have been learned. They also learn from contact with, and observation of other, couples who are struggling with similar relationship issues.

Accordingly, we have been running ongoing weekly couples’ groups for graduates of Imago weekend workshops.  
Six couples enroll, the group meets Tuesday evenings, in Hamilton, from 6:30 to 9 pm.  There is a weekly learning agenda, after which couples practice with their partner while Susan and Mark facilitate their work.

This format of couple group began in January of 2011 and we, and the attending couples, have been delighted with the gains that all the participating couples are achieving.

If you attend an Imago workshop, you will then be on the mailing list to enroll in future semesters.  These groups fill up quickly.

FEEThese evening sessions are free for OHIP eligible* couples but a fee of $60 per person will be charged for sessions that are not attended.

*[OHIP eligibility (for residents of Ontario only) is based on a diagnosis of "relationship conflict", to be determined at a pre-workshop interview] 



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