Schedule for Holotropic Workshops

Ronda Lobsinger and Susan McBride will be working together to offer several workshops every year. We will continue to send out reminders closer to the actual date. .

Susan and Ronda will offer HB workshops on Fridays in Hamilton.


2018 Dates Location
Friday November 23 Susan's in Hamilton
Friday December  14 Susan's in Hamilton



Workshop Format
The workshop provides a safe environment in which participants discover and integrate their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. When psyches are energized by the breath in a non-ordinary state, we begin to mediate our own healing: experiencing, resolving and integrating material in a sequence and an intensity that honours each personís own development.

Holotropic breathwork opens participants to significant healing of emotional and psychosomatic distress. It allows the experiencer to access and resolve material from personal biography, perinatal history, and the vast transpersonal realm that lies outside our limited view of ourselves as disconnected personalities.

This work is a particularly attractive method for people drawn to self-discovery and spiritual opening, those who are new to transformative work, and those who have experience in various forms of self-development or spiritual practice.

Breathwork can compliment other therapeutic modalities and is fully compatible with the 12 step approach to recovery. Holotropic Breathwork facilitates individual change within a group format. Mutually supportive dyads within the group further enhance the individual experience.

Where are workshops held?

1 day workshops are usually held in Hamilton on Friday of every other month, cost is $175