We offer diverse, powerful group healing experiences.


Imago couples therapy, marriage counselling, relationship counselling in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Owen Sound, Ontario, BC    
Imago Couples Therapy,  is based on the work of Dr Harville Hendrix.

Basic Weekend Workshop - You will learn powerful skills that can radically transform your relationship.

Advanced Weekend Workshop- For our graduates, improve your Imago Skills

Individual Weekend Workshop- a deep look at your own relationship issues.

  Holotropic Breathwork is based on the work of Dr Stanislav Grof.

Our workshops are a personal inner journey, done in a group setting, following the breath into altered states of consciousness.

  Mindfulness Meditation is based on the work of Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Learn how mindfulness meditation can calm the mind, relieve anxiety , help lift the burden of chronic conditions and move you towards relaxed joyfulness.




Marriage Counselling, Relationship Therapy- 326 Locke St. S, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8P 4C6

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